19 October-30 November 2020
The 51st Union World Conference On Lung Health


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OA-27-The social impact of TB in Europe
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OA-27-The social impact of TB in Europe
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12:30 - 12:35: Introduction

12:35 - 12:43: OA-27-667-23-Social risk factors for TB in England: a national point prevalence study 2019 A national point prevalence study in England identified that 25% of the study population had a wide range of social problems relevant to their tuberculosis diagnosis, higher than the 15% who reported to have problems with alcohol and drug misuse, homelessness and imprisonment.

Anjana Roy

12:43 - 12:51: OA-27-668-23-Country-specific approaches and effectiveness of latent TB screening targeting migrants to Europe Migrants in Europe are at an increased risk of active tuberculosis (TB) through reactivation of latent TB infection (LTBI). We did a systematic review and meta-analysis, as well as a survey of TB experts, in 32 European Union/European Economic Area countries and Switzerland, to explore current LTBI screening approaches among recently arrived migrants and the treatment outcomes.

Ioana Margineanu

12:51 - 12:59: OA-27-669-23-High TB and latent TB infection prevalence among minor Eritrean asylum seekers in the Netherlands: importance of travel history The tuberculosis (TB) prevalence rate among unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (UMAs) from Eritrea, who were travelling via Lybia to the Netherlands in 2018, was huge (8,526 per 100,000). In this presentation we show the results of our efforts to test the UMAs without TB for latent TB infection.

Bert A. Wolters

12:59 - 13:07: OA-27-670-23-Investigation of TB underreporting in the federal states of Germany Tuberculosis (TB) under-reporting is a major impediment for TB control efforts. We examined under-reporting of TB from 2009-2018 at the subnational level in Germany. We identified differences in under-reporting between federal states and a variation within states over time. These results will allow for targeted improvements in TB reporting.

Neil J, Saad

13:07 - 13:15: OA-27-671-23-Tuberculosis Source Investigation in the Netherlands – is it Effective? WHO recommends tuberculosis (TB) source investigation (SI) for all children identified with TB. SI aims to detect unidentified source patients or co-infected TB patients and prevent further transmission. As there is limited published evidence on the effectiveness of SI, we present the TB yield of SI in the Netherlands.

Ineke Spruijt

13:15 - 13:23: OA-27-672-23-Evaluating TB transmission in a penitentiary system using customised MIRU-VNTR typing Our study focuses on customising reduced loci set of MIRU-VNTR (mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units–variable tandem repeats) typing for the Georgian population and gives an insight on transmission predictors of tuberculosis (TB) in the penitentiary system, representing as one of the main sources of drug-resistant TB in Georgia.

Nino Maghradze

13:23 - 13:50: Q&A

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