19 October-30 November 2020
The 51st Union World Conference On Lung Health


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OA-14-COVID-19: the great disrupter
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OA-14-COVID-19: the great disrupter
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12:30 - 12:35: Introduction

12:35 - 12:43: OA-14-585-22-The contribution of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections to transmission: a model-based analysis of the Diamond Princess outbreak A key gap in the understanding of SARS-CoV-2 infection is the extent to which individuals, who are experiencing asymptomatic infections, contribute to transmission. We used a transmission model of COVID-19 to estimate the proportion, infectiousness and contribution to transmission of asymptomatic infections during the outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Jon C. Emery

12:43 - 12:51: OA-14-586-22-Effect of COVID-19 on TB patient notification in Japan To investigate the impact of COVID-19 spread on tuberculosis (TB) patients notification in Japan, we compared and analysed the numbers of newly notified TB cases in the first quarter of 2019 and 2020.

Kazuhiro Uchimura

12:51 - 12:59: OA-14-587-22-Contacts or care? Impact of COVID-19-related disruption on TB burden COVID-19-related disruptions could increase tuberculosis (TB) burden through negatively affecting health services and/or decrease transmission through reduced social contact. The impact on incidence may depend on the balance between these opposing factors. However, any benefit of distancing on the number of TB deaths, is likely to be outweighed by health service disruption.

Rebecca C. Harris

12:59 - 13:07: OA-14-588-22-The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on active TB case finding interventions in Nigeria: the KNCV TB Foundation Nigeria experience The COVID-19 epidemic impacted negatively on the tuberculosis (TB) programme in Nigeria. Results from two core, active TB case finding interventions being implemented by KNCV TB Foundation Nigeria - the TB surge and WoW campaigns - showed a progressive decline in achievement from the onset of COVID-19 to date.  

Bethrand Odume

13:07 - 13:15: OA-14-589-22-Willingness to test for TB among symptomatic community members in an era of COVID-19: findings from an exploratory mixed methods study from Anambra State, Nigeria We explored the impact of the COVID-19 response on willingness to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test at the community level. The language of communication of the COVID-19 interventions seemed to evoke fear among community members and negatively affected their willingness to do a TB test, despite having symptoms of TB. 

Chukwuebuka Ugwu

13:15 - 13:23: OA-14-590-22-Use of virtual and community-delivery platforms to prevent multidrug-resistant TB treatment interruption during the national COVID-19 response: lessons from Uganda COVID-19 came with unprecedented disruptions in the management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. This was particularly the case as a nationwide lockdown was announced, restricting community care of drug-resistant tuberculosis where over 80% of the patients are.

Enock Kizito

13:23 - 13:31: OA-14-591-22-Implementation of psychosocial support services for patients with TB during the quarantine regime due to COVID-19 In response to the emergency, the Ukraine national tuberculosis (TB) programme and the project quickly reformatted the implementation of services for patients with TB in order to ensure continuous access to anti-TB treatment and psychosocial support during the quarantine regime due to COVID-19.

Tanya Ismagilova

13:31 - 13:50: Q&A

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