19 October-30 November 2020
The 51st Union World Conference On Lung Health


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OA-10-Partnerships for integrating services
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OA-10-Partnerships for integrating services
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11:00 - 11:05: Introduction

11:05 - 11:13: OA-10-556-22-Engaging private healthcare providers to intensify TB case detection Private healthcare providers play a key role in tuberculosis (TB) referral, diagnosis and treatment. Engaging them effectively can help to close the TB notification gap and ensure that patients receive proper TB care.

Rajesh Sah

11:13 - 11:21: OA-10-557-22-Rational medicine use when presented with TB symptoms: private sector prescribing practices in two urban regions of South Africa Are South African patients with tuberculosis (TB) and TB-HIV, who present to the private sector, diagnosed efficiently and effectively? Do they receive care that is of an acceptable cost to them and their community? We explore prescribing practices of private GPs and the potential contributors to TB diagnostic delay and antimicrobial drug resistance.

Angela Salomon

11:21 - 11:29: OA-10-558-22-Engaging informal providers to screen and refer TB presumptive cases for formal TB diagnosis: use of barcode sticker system to refer TB presumptives The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the national TB programme developed a systematic package of actively engaging traditional healers, pharmacies and drug stores to actively screen, refer and follow up TB presumptives for formal TB diagnosis at the facility in two districts in Malawi. It demonstrated the potential to increase TB notifications.

Godwin Nyirenda

11:29 - 11:37: OA-10-559-22-Integrating services of TB, HIV/AIDS and malaria at the community level: lessons from community systems', strengthening pilot project in Kenya Delivering  health services for each condition separately, contributes to fragmented service delivery at the community level. This abstract is about assessing the possibility of integrating services for tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and malaria at the community level, and monitoring if there was improvement in performance of the health indicators.

Paul Maleya

11:37 - 11:45: OA-10-560-22-Adherence to TB screening and treatment initiation guidelines in urban Nigeria: a study of TB care quality among private clinical providers in two states A study of private clinical providers’ management of presumptive and confirmed TB patients in urban Nigeria - using standardised patient and vignette survey methodology - reveals a minority of providers were able to demonstrate fully correct case management. Bottlenecks to correct management include provision, or referral, for diagnostics and counselling for confirmed patients.

Lauren Rosapep

11:45 - 11:53: OA-10-561-22-Provider-initiated active TB case finding in high volume, healthcare facilities: preliminary results from an ongoing project in Nigeria KNCV Nigeria's active tuberculosis (TB) case finding project, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development, introduced provider–initiated TB case finding in health facilities. Designated screening officers and facility staff were trained on the use of a symptom checklist for TB screening in order to identify presumptive TB, linkage for diagnostic evaluation and treatment for confirmed TB cases.

Ogoamaka Chukwuogo

11:53 - 12:01: OA-10-562-22-Significant boost needed to ensure sustainable procurement by governments of WHO-recommended TB medicines in high burden countries while shifting from donor-supported to domestically-funded procurement While countries are increasingly required to purchase tuberculosis (TB) medicines with domestic funds, access to all World Health Organization (WHO) recommended TB medicines is not secured. Local registration of at least one source meeting WHO quality standards, up-to-date nEMLs, transparent national tenders. More focused technical assistance from donors and WHO is urgently required.

Christophe Perrin

12:01 - 12:20: Q&A

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