19 October-30 November 2020
The 51st Union World Conference On Lung Health


EP34-TB: from bench to the bedside
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EP34-TB: from bench to the bedside
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EP34-426-24-Sensitivity of diagnostic tests in people with abnormal chest radiographsTo increase the detection of tuberculosis (TB) cases in high burden communities, we piloted an active case finding intervention using mobile X-ray vans. We describe the diagnostic characteristics of the individuals diagnosed with TB with this intervention.
Daniela Vanesa Puma Abarca

EP34-427-24-Targeted intervention to strengthen treatment monitoring using follow-up sputum testing among ambulatory, pulmonary multidrug-resistant TB patients in Xi`an, western ChinaTargeted education, counselling and follow-up support to strengthen treatment monitoring, through increased uptake of required, regularly scheduled sputum testing among ambulatory, pulmonary multidrug-resistant TB patients, managed by Xi’an Chest Hospital, Xi`an City, western China
Hui Luo

EP34-428-24-Using Xpert among symptomatic people with negative sputum smear microscopy results in Maharasthra: a key to identifying missing TB patientsImproving access to Xpert services among smear-negative cases with abnormal chest X-ray leads to an increase in notification. One hundred and sixty-seven individuals with a negative smear result on microscopy, but with an abnormal chest X-ray, were not initiated on treatment. When tested on Xpert their result was positive, leading to an increase in notification of MTB cases.
Ashvini Vyas

EP34-429-24-Novel RNA markers of anti-TB treatment responseCurrent measurements of drug efficacy in tuberculosis (TB) clinical trials rely on the cultivation of the pathogen where the effect of sterilising agents on the persister population is unmeasurable. Our novel pre-16S/16S rRNA model represents an innovative measure of drug efficacy and potential to accelerate clinical trials of TB drugs.
Evelin Dombay

EP34-430-24-Low AUC/MIC target attainment of moxifloxacin during treatment of patients with multidrug-resistant TB in ChinaTherapeutic drug monitoring of key multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) drugs aims to ensure sufficient drug exposure in order to improve treatment outcome. In this study including patients with MDR-TB in China, we explored the target attainment of drug exposure in relation to individual minimum inhibitory concentration for moxifloxacin, compared to previously suggested targets.
Lina Davies Forsman

EP34-431-24-Effective stock management of GeneXpert test cartridges in health facilities for uninterrupted TB laboratory diagnosis in three urban districts in UgandaThe World Health Organization recommends Xpert MTB/RIF assay as an initial tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic test. In Uganda there are 237 GeneXpert sites. However, testing is affected by stock-outs of cartridges. The United States Agency for International Development's Defeat TB project worked in facilities to reduce stock-outs through weekly review of stock cards, cartridge re-distributions and monthly physical counts.
Ronald Mangeni

EP34-432-24-The efficacy of anti-TB therapy and treatment outcome are modulated by the magnitude of bactericidal activity on the rest of respiratory microbiomeOur findings show that the efficacy of anti-tuberculosis therapy is modulated by the extent of its action on the rest of the respiratory microbiome.  Conversion to culture negative by week eight of treatment was associated with significant reduction of Streptococcus and overall microbiome diversity.
Wilber Sabiiti

EP34-433-24-Impact of the human resource support scheme and sample transportation system on GeneXpert services in selected states in Nigeria: the KNCV/Challenge TB experienceNigeria experienced huge demand for GeneXpert testing following adoption as the initial diagnostic test for tuberculosis (TB). Despite the installation of 398 machines, utilisation rates remained low. To improve utilisation of machines, KNCV and the Challenge TB project, through United States Agency for International Development funding, implemented the GeneXpert human resource support scheme and courier model of sample transportation.
Nkiru Nwokoye

EP34-434-24-Synthesis and evaluation of new compounds efficient against Mycobacterium TB isolates circulating in a high burden country, Russian FederationMycobacterium tuberculosis strains resistant to anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs continue to circulate and present a global problem. Here, we performed synthesis of new compounds containing 2-aminobutanol moiety and tested their efficiency on M. tuberculosis clinical isolates from Russia, a high burden country for multi- and extensively drug-resistant TB.
Anna Vyazovaya

EP34-435-24-Improvement of elimination rate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum among patients receiving a bedaquiline and/or linezolid- containing regimens in TanzaniaWe present how molecular bacterial load assay (TB-MBLA) was used to test whether the killing of M. tuberculosis in adult patients, with either drug-resistant or susceptible tuberculosis, depends on the treatment regimens. 
Peter M. Mbelele

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