19 October-30 November 2020
The 51st Union World Conference On Lung Health


EP24-TB innovative strategies to find the missing cases
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EP24-TB innovative strategies to find the missing cases
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EP24-325-23-Engaging patient medical vendors in TB case finding: the pros and consPatient Medical Vendors (PMVs) are an informal medical outfit that are widely patronised by the majority of the populace in Anambra State Nigeria, this Global fund Caritas Nigeria private sector intervention rant engaged PMVS for TB case finding, this Abstract reviewed the process of engagement, their Case contribution and challenges encountered.
Chidimma Ezeobi -Okoye

EP24-326-23-Enhancing TB diagnosis among unengaged, standalone, formal and informal private health facilities in finding missing people with TB in KenyaPrivate provider engagement (PPE): enhancing TB diagnosis among unengaged, standalone, formal and informal private health facilities to find missing people in Kenya with tuberculosis through capacity building of the providers, strengthening linkages and the provision of sample transport mechanism.
John M. Ng'ang'a

EP24-327-23-The role of community-based interventions to reach out to underserved populations and increase the success rate of TB treatment in Gaza Province, Mozambique, 2019The following abstract assesses the strategy to provide tuberculosis (TB) services to hard-to-reach communities in a low-income setting through active case finding in Gaza. This province aggregates key TB determinants, such as historic mining migration to South Africa and the high burden of HIV. 
Bachir Macuacua

EP24-328-23-TB active case finding in fragile post-conflict areas in Darfur, SudanTuberculosis (TB) services in the Al Malha locality were, throughout the years, affected by the Darfur conflict. TB active case finding was adopted to increase case detection rates, improve the quality of the TB services and increase health awareness. Unfortunately, after finishing the project the TBMU was closed. 
Muaz Hassan

EP24-329-23-Low male yield from community-based TB contact tracing: experiences from community contact tracing in LesothoLesotho is a high tuberculosis (TB) burden country with low treatment coverage. Community TB contact tracing, adopted to improve case finding, appears to be missing men. We analysed programme performance across the contact tracing cascade to look for differences by age and sex.
Tafadzwa Chakare

EP24-330-23-TB screening at Bungoma Bus Park, Bungoma County, KenyaRegular tuberculosis (TB) screening in bus parks can led to an increase in TB case notification, eventually reducing transmission of TB. Adherence counselling and the provision of TB drugs, during convenient hours, to touts and drivers can reduce TB treatment interruption in this group.
Robert Magomere

EP24-331-23-Yield and coverage of active case finding interventions for TB control in high burden countries: a systematic review and meta-analysisThis systematic review and meta-analysis summarises data on outcomes of active case finding activities. We highlight how, yield of active tuberculosis (TB) cases and screening coverage, differs in various populations and settings, as well as how different screening and diagnostic methods affect the yield of TB cases.

EP24-332-23-An adaptive decision-making approach to efficiently deploy TB case finding in high burden communitiesStrategies are needed to optimise the use of community-based active case finding (ACF) in high tuberculosis (TB) burden communities. We propose an adaptive decision-making approach, which uses a Bayesian sampling algorithm, to guide ACF resource allocation in order to improve case-finding yield in communities with a prevalence of undiagnosed TB.
Abigail de Villiers

EP24-333-23-Patent and propriety medicine vendor-led community engagement: an innovative approach to finding missing TB cases in rural communities in Boki local government, NigeriaThe missing tuberculosis (TB) cases are in the community. Effectively engaging communities in finding missing persons with TB has been both challenging and cost intensive. The patent medicine vendor resides with the people in the community and could have a critical role in engaging communities in finding missing TB cases.
Igbaji Basil Uguge

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