19 October-30 November 2020
The 51st Union World Conference On Lung Health


EP18-Scaling up TB preventive therapy: it is about time!
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EP18-Scaling up TB preventive therapy: it is about time!
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EP18-269-22-TB contact investigation in 17 municipalities of Uganda: bringing TB screening to the household via coalition with communitiesA half of tuberculosis (TB) patients in Uganda are missed, leading to continuous transmission in a system where case finding is passive. Community-led contact tracing (CI) was done to ensure early diagnosis and increasing access.  The results demonstrate that engaging community players in designing and implementing CI is effective. Community-led visiting is recommended.
Paddy Busulwa

EP18-270-22-Breakthrough TB among people living with HIV on isoniazid preventive therapy in ZambiaUse of isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) has proven effective in the fight against latent tuberculosis (TB) infection and prevention of progression to active TB disease in people living with HIV. However, it has been observed that there are patients who develop TB while on IPT and usually in the first month of treatment.
Sarah Nyangu

EP18-271-22-TB preventive treatment: global targets and progress to dateAt the United Nations High-Level Meeting on tuberculosis (TB) in 2018, Member States committed to provide TB preventive treatment (TPT) to at least 30 million people between 2018 and 2022. In this presentation, we report global progress and recent trends on the main indicators for the programmatic management of TPT.
Saskia Den Boon

EP18-272-22-Understanding barriers to latent TB treatment in people living with HIV in Cambodia: results from the KAP survey and facility assessment from the OPTICAM studyTuberculosis preventive therapy (TPT) coverage for people living with HIV is low (<30%) in Cambodia. Barriers from healthcare workers and facilities to prescribing (TPT) were assessed, highlighting the need for targeted training on TPT focusing on systematic TB screening, side effects and drug-drug interactions. Improving TPT drug supplies is essential to access.
Jennifer Campbell

EP18-273-22-TB preventive therapy among contacts above 5 years in line with United Nations High-level mission commitment: the journey so far in NigeriaThe new policy to place >5years (including adults) on TB preventive therapy (TPT) was recently adopted by countries at the United Nations High-Level Meeting. Gradual uptake of TPT among this populations is observed. The best method to ensure increased completion rate among this population is the use of a shorter TPT regimen.
Obioma Chijioke-Akaniro

EP18-274-22-Prevalence of latent TB infection among household contacts of TB patients in a low-resource, high burden TB/HIV settingThe proportion of interferon gamma release assay (IGRA) positive household contacts (HHCs) in Uganda that would require tuberculosis preventive therapy was unknown. In early 2020, we conducted a cross-sectional survey among 352 HHCs in the four regions of the country. Of those that participated, 32.7% had a positive IGRA test result.
Simon Muchuro

EP18-275-22-TB preventive treatment cascade among household contacts of people with TB in Western Uganda (October 2017–September 2018)Household tuberculosis (TB) contacts are at high risk for TB infection. People living HIV and children aged <5 years are at high risk for progression to TB disease and prioritised for TB preventive treatment (TPT). We examined the TPT cascade among household contacts following TB contact tracing, including HIV testing.
Monita R. Patel

EP18-276-22-Good proportion of household contact children under 5 years were TB screened but not getting preventive therapy in two regions of EthiopiaThis study assessed the extent of household contact screening and tuberculosis (TB) preventive therapy implementation in two regions of Ethiopia - SNNPR and Addis Ababa. The contact investigation was conducted for contacts of bacteriologically-confirmed index pulmonary TB patients and the TB preventive therapy was provided for eligible children aged under 5 years.
Abdulsemed Umar

EP18-277-22-Implementation and scale-up of TB preventive treatment among people living with HIV, South Sudan, 2018–2020Tuberculosis preventive treatment (TPT) decreases tuberculosis incidence and mortality among people living with HIV (PLHIV). In South Sudan, staff from the Ministry of Health and the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief overcame barriers to TPT implementation among PLHIV during 2018–2020.
Dennis Kenyi Lodiongo

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