19 October-30 November 2020
The 51st Union World Conference On Lung Health


EP06-TB: data matters
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EP06-TB: data matters
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EP06-152-21-Assessment of TB underreporting by level of reporting system in Lagos, NigeriaAssessment of tuberculosis (TB) underreporting by level of reporting system, Nigeria. It was a quantitative, descriptive study using secondary data from an inventory study on TB reporting knowledge, attitude and behaviour conducted in 2017 in Lagos State to assess TB underreporting by type and level of health facilities, including associated factors.  
Mustapha Gidado

EP06-153-21-Improving TB treatment outcomes through effective linkage of transfer out patientsThe transfer out tool proved to be an effective strategy in referral and linkage for all tuberculosis (TB) patients who prefer continuum of care at facilities of their convenience. TB control programmes should consider adopting this tool and roll it out to all TB sites to improve quality of care. 
Stella Omulo

EP06-154-21-Nationwide surveillance of emerging isoniazid resistance after implementation of isoniazid preventive therapy for TB contactsAlthough population isoniazid resistance does not increase due to isoniazid preventive therapy, consider to provide isoniazid resistance as a priority of developing rapid drug susceptibility test for individuals who have developed TB after isoniazid preventive therapy can further advance propagation of prevention programme with trust.
Pei-Chun Chan

EP06-155-21-Review of the epidemiological mathematical modelling literature to inform TB vaccination development and strategiesMathematical models provide valuable information to aid the development of tuberculosis (TB) vaccines and vaccination strategies. Evaluating the impact of different vaccine characteristics in varied epidemiological settings such as exploring age, spatial hotspot and risk group targeting, as well as accounting for HIV, multidrug-resistance and population endemicity, can inform country-level implementation of novel TB vaccines.
Rebecca A. Clark

EP06-156-21-Strengthening hospital DOTS linkage using ad hoc staff to find missing TB cases: The Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital ExperienceAminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) is the largest tertiary facility in Kano state with an average daily hospital attendance of 862 patients. We sought to improve facility based active case finding by engaging trained ad hoc staff and deploying them across service delivery points over a period of time.
Mamman Bajehson

EP06-157-21-Incorporating patient reporting patterns to evaluate geographically targeted TB interventions in Dhaka, BangladeshTuberculosis (TB) is geographically heterogeneous and geographic targeting can improve the impact and efficiency of TB interventions. However, standard TB notification data may not sufficiently capture this heterogeneity. Better understanding of patient reporting behaviour may improve our ability to use notifications to appropriately target interventions.
Isabella Gomes

EP06-158-21-Lessons from a data quality assessment of TB notifications in Zambia: the case of under notification in a national TB programmeNational tuberculosis (TB) programmes should conduct periodic data quality assessments (DQAs) to validate notifications data. Findings will be very useful in designing future programming and implementation. The findings underscore the urgent need to strengthen the linkage to care. National TB programmes could potentially increase the TB treatment coverage by restoring data management systems.
Patrick Lungu

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