19 October-30 November 2020
The 51st Union World Conference On Lung Health


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OA-09-What person-centred care really means
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OA-09-What person-centred care really means
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16:30 - 16:35: Introduction

16:35 - 16:43: OA-09-550-21-Using the patient pathway analysis method to align care-seeking and service delivery in development of a person-centred, national strategic plan The patient pathway analysis uses data to identify a mismatch between tuberculosis (TB) healthcare-seeking and service delivery. Fifty eight percent of the population initially sought care in private facilities, of which only 2% were equipped with diagnostic capacity for TB, emphasising the need to engage private sector facilities in TB control.

Moses Arinaitwe

16:43 - 16:51: OA-09-551-21-A 360 degree view of TB-related stigma in Uganda: findings from a mixed methods study involving perceptions from patients, providers and communities Stigma is a key driver that hinders tuberculosis (TB) control programmes by negatively affecting delay in care-seeking and treatment adherence. A mixed methods assessment was conducted to understand perceptions and knowledge of TB-related stigma among TB providers, patients and community members, to inform  TB programme strengthening efforts in Uganda.

Nikki Davis

16:51 - 16:59: OA-09-552-21-Support for integrating TB preventive treatment into community antiretroviral refill groups among people on antiretroviral treatment in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe's 2018 tuberculosis (TB) incidence - 210/100,000 - is among the highest globally. However, only 11% of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and newly enrolled in care, were on TB preventive treatment (TPT) in 2017. Community antiretroviral refill groups can be an efficient way to scale-up TPT in PLHIV in Zimbabwe. 

Jennifer M. Zech

16:59 - 17:07: OA-09-553-21-Integrating mental health services into TB care: Gujarat, India Mental health interventions to treat depression among tuberculosis (TB) patients were integrated into routine TB workflows. Healthcare workers, trained in psychotherapeutic counselling, screened for depression symptoms, administered 4-6 sessions with patients and measured reduction in depression symptoms with each session.

Sirisha Papineni

17:07 - 17:15: OA-09-554-21-Journey patterns and models of care observed in patients receiving drug-resistant TB treatment in South Africa This analysis uses spatio-temporal mapping of patient care journeys in South Africa to describe diverse patterns - ranging from highly centralised to highly decentralised - and uses these to provide structure to illustrate existing models of care. Five dominant geospatial movement patterns of patient journeys, and the associated care models, are described. 

Lindy Dickson-Hall

17:15 - 17:23: OA-09-555-21-Implementation of a supportive care package to strengthen drug-resistant TB patients' adherence to treatment in Xi'an, China Implementation of a comprehensive, supportive care package to strengthen treatment enrollment, retention and treatment adherence to among drug-resistant tuberculosis patients managed by Xi’an City Chest Hospital, western China

Ali Zhao

17:23 - 17:50: Q&A

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